Who is the insured and claimant?

An Insured is the person filing a claim with their own insurance company on their policy. A Claimant is a person filing a claim under the other person's insurance company, and or policy. In some instances you both may have the same insurance company. If you are filing under the other person's policy, (because it

When is my deductible due?

The deductible is due at the end of the repair when you come to pick up your vehicle. If you request a parts pre order, and the claim has not been approved, you may be required to sign an authorization of repairs and/or leave a deposit.

When can I wash my vehicle?

You may hand wash your vehicle right away, in most instances. Caution must be taken when washing your vehicle that the surface of the vehicle is cool when spraying with cold water. Cold water on a hot paint can cause a discoloration. Always make certain, you wash your vehicle in the morning or when the

What about car washes?

Many brushless car washes are fine to use as long as there is minimal contact with the paint's surface with any material. Even a chamois can collect dirt and dust causing small visible scratches to your vehicle. Try using cloth diapers on your vehicle, being careful to wash them after each use. There is nothing

When can I wax my vehicle?

You should not wax the painted portion of the vehicle for at least a month. Hand waxing is the safest method of waxing a vehicle's paint, although a machine polish does last longer, but should only be performed by a professional.

How exact is the estimate you wrote for me?

The estimate we wrote is exactly that... an estimate. We attempt to be as precise as we are able to, but there are many variables in the process of collision repair. First there is concealed or secondary damage; this is damage that is not visible or obvious until the vehicle is disassembled. Second there are